Solidicon began its journey in 2006 as a small startup with the idea to challenge the gaming market with a virtual 3D version of the traditional horse racing. With experience from the world-leading PC game developer DICE, we developed our own, highly optimized, 3D engine and supporting server infrastructure which allowed us to successfully challenge significantly larger competitors. The result was a world-leading product that is going strong to this day!




This innovative hybrid between an American Roulette and a Tivoli classic broke new ground in the gaming scene which led to an immediate market success. The excitement is high when you feel as if you are controlling the wheel with your own power and that you can make the rocker stop on your specific number, and if you are especially lucky, you win 36x the money!


Color Keno

In this vibrant game, we took a traditional Keno and mixed it with a new colorful theme to maximize the entertainment. Betting on numbers can potentially win you up to 50,000x the money and you can also spice it up a bit and bet on which color is going to dominate the board. Color Keno is also the first game we have developed using our cross-platform framework which allows us to target the game not only on native solutions but also the web using HTML5.


Triple Towers Horse Racing

The starting point of Solidicon, our first ever production game running on our own 3D engine was the Triple Towers Horse Racing. In this fast pace virtual horse race, 8 jockeys go head-to-head to compete for the victory. You can bet on combinations and with the exotic bet types Quinella and Exacta if you feel extra confident!


Triple Towers Greyhound Racing

In this thrilling greyhound race, 6 dogs compete to chase down the lure and win the race. Bet on your personal favorite and you will be able to win big if correct.

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