Our mission

We are aiming to bring our services to an even bigger audience and with it new games, new hardware and a revamped platform service. We intend to make a real impact both in existing markets as well as break new ground with new fantastic products, looking to triple the business the coming years.

To realize this mission we are gathering industry veterans and eager talents to work together and perform magic. Make sure to take a look at our Career Page to see if there’s an opening suitable for you!

Upcoming projects

Rally of champions

Inspiration for our upcoming Rally of Champions

Fast paced and tense action in this extreme game where legends battle each other in a tournament where only one end up as the ultimate Champion. Bet on who wins the race, who qualifies for semi, who crashes and who wins the entire tournament! Which manufacturer is the most reliable and wins the championship and which has a terrible season against all odds?

Central services

With a growing market, more clients and a larger product portfolio, comes more exciting opportunities. To accommodate for this rapid growth, we are now creating a new independent squad which will own and continue to evolve the central platform and server infrastructure. Furthermore, to provide even better market penetration and reach an even broader audience, we are finally bringing our game servers to the cloud which will allow for players to enjoy our titles on their own conditions!

Casino games

Inspiration for our upcoming Roulette game

No game engine were able to do what we wanted to accomplish; extremely high performing and thrilling casino games that could be played cross-platform in an offline and online environment, so we did the only logical thing and built our very own. Today that engine is powering games in over 20 countries with many more to come and we are continuing to expand our casino game portfolio with everything from modern takes on casino classics such as roulette and slot games to other bolder innovations like pachinko!

Virtual Soccer Championship

Inspiration for our upcoming Virtual Soccer Championship

After gathering experience in developing Rally of Champions we will gear and staff up even further to develop a game for the most popular sport in the world, soccer!
In this sophisticated AI driven game the top teams battle for winning the league presented in a massive 3D stadium. Make your bet on your favorite player to score the most goals, number of total goals for a team, your favorite team to win the tournament or even multiple bets combined spread across the entire tournament with a huge payout if you nail it.