About us

About us

We are Solidicon, a small but highly skilled team with a mixed background from companies such as Sony, DICE and Ghost Games. As game creators we are always looking to challenge ourselves to create nothing but the best experience for our users.

We are an enthusiastic and driven group of people with inventive ideas that we bring to life through playful design, art and software craftmanship. We like to be quick on our feet, experiment and innovate to challenge the big names and markets.

The password is Together

Together we create the thrilling entertainment of tomorrow.

Together we lead the way developing innovative and exciting products that people cherish.

Together we bring ideas to life through art and software craft.

We have fun Together

We regularly host company sponsored afterworks, sometimes at the office, sometimes at the beach or even at the boss’s place!

And since we live in the cold white north, we like to bring the team on a yearly trip to somewhere sunny to load up on that vitamin D!

We nerd out Together

Having powerful computers is not only great when working, it’s also comes in handy when we have a LAN party at the office.

And when we finally move into our new office with a 12-seat cinema, you know there is going to be some serious movie nights!

We’re moving!

In just a couple of months we are moving to our new custom-built office, located on Avenyn, in the heart of Göteborg.

There will be a coffee bar, drink bar, VR area, ping-pong table, gaming corner, an in-office cinema, a lounge area, an inner courtyard and much more.

Dont miss out, make sure to come by for a visit!

Our history

Founded in 2006, Solidicon now has a retail presence in over 20 countries and although we may not be a large company in size, we do have a strong financial position with secure long-term revenue streams.

We have a close relationship to financially strong partners that handles support, devops and hardware deployment. This allows us to, in an autonomous fashion, focus on the creative process instead of getting stuck in maintenance hell.